Local Wildlife

With 700km of coastline, miles of rolling countryside and a uniquely temperate climate, Cornwall is home to many land and sea creatures. From tiny natives like dragon and butterflies, to playful dolphins, Cornwall has a rich diversity and you can find them all close by! 

Little Pengelly

On The Doorstep

Cornwall is full of fantastic local wildlife, so much of it right on our Little Pengelly doorstep. Nestled deep in the Cornish countryside, surrounded by fields, woodlands and wild meadows, you can catch a glimpse of some of the UKs favourite birdlife including Swallows, House Martins, Sparrow Hawks, Bullfinches, Gold Crests, Owls, Wrens, Long Tailed Tits, Redwings and Buzzards. Keep your gaze to the ground for Hedgehogs, Toads, Dragon flies, Bumble bees, Badgers, and Stoats.

Godolphin House

Bat Watch

National Trust Godolphin is an interesting visit, in its own right – the historic house and medieval gardens are beautiful to wander around. Climb Gololphin Hill for far reaching views down to the sea or enjoy a peaceful wander along the riverbank. The real draw at Godolphin are the bats making the restored cider house their home!

Porthleven and Porthcurno

Dolphin and Basking Shark Spotting

South West  Cornwall is one of the  best places in the UK to view sea creatures. Little Pengelly is just five miles from both the North and South coasts of the peninsula, there is ample opportunity to see seals or playful dolphins.  Head to the water at Porthleven or Porthcurno for your best chance. Basking sharks (they have no teeth!) love Cornish waters from Spring through to Autumn.

Birds of Prey at Rinsey

Peregrines and Kestrels

For the more serious bird watchers, it’s truly thrilling to see a bird of prey in the wild.  The pretty National Trust cove at Rinsey is wild and remote and the perfect spot to catch Peregrine Falcons and Kestrels patrolling the skies.  Cornish Choughs with their bright red beak and legs also make this their home. The area has over twenty species of butterflies and moths.

Marazion Marsh

RSPB Reserve

Close to St Michael’s Mount, the RSPB Reserve at Maraizon Marsh has varied wetland bird species.  The reedbed is the ideal habitat for some of Britain’s best loved water birds including Bitterns and it’s become a common place for the aquatic warbler to stop on its journey. Winter is the perfect time to see the spectacular starling murmuration too.

Goonhilly Downs

Butterflies and Dragonflies

The Earth Station’s enormous dishes, dominate the landscape at Goonhilly Downs, the remoteness of the site, is ideal for the research centre.  But the draw of Goonhilly is far greater! The microclimate and unique landscape attract many species of flora and fauna including Dragon Flies and many unusual species of Butterflies, it’s well worth a visit to spot as many as you can.

The Lizard & Godrevy

Seal Spotting

Cornwall is home to many seal colonies, and there’s nothing better than watching them in their natural habitat.  The coastline by the Lizard and beautiful Godrevy, are some of the best places to see these locals. Enjoy watching them basking on the sand or snoozing just beneath the waves. Take your camera, give them lots of space and enjoy!