Access Statement for The New Barn 16.03.2022

Little Pengelly Farm is in a quiet rural area. We have two ground floor cottages. The New Barn has an open plan kitchen and dining area, a lounge and a separate bedroom at the end of the building.

  • Little Pengelly is in a rural area where access by car is recommended.
  • The nearest public transport by the L5 bus is at Pengelly Cross 500m, services are every few hours.
  • The nearest train station is St Erth (4 miles) Great Western Railways
  • Local taxi services are available – we are happy to supply numbers of tried and tested companies
  • The nearest village is Godolphin 1 mile away – the walk is steep.
  • Details of our facilities can be seen on our website
  • We are happy to help answer specific queries please E mail or telephone us.
Arrival & Car Parking Facilities
  • Gravel drive and turning circle allowing access right up to The New Barn. The stopping area outside the barn is on a gravel slope.
  • Parking is at the top of a gravel slope
Main Entrance
  • Access is around a tight corner on a graveled area 80cm wide
  • The front door has 1 step. Step one 7cm high, 81cm wide, 151cm deep.
  • The entrance doorway 76cm wide.


  • Lounge 4.15m by 3.65m
  • Tiled with large mat
  • Sofa height 46cm and 53cm
  • TV remote control


  • Area 4.9m X 3.65m tiled floor
  • Cupboard height 91cm
  • Dining table has under space of 76cm high by 69cm wide and a height of 76cm (legs on each corner) chairs have no arms.


  • Oak floor
  • Door width 82cm
  • King sized bed 73cm height 4.25m width and 3.65m length. 55cm and 60cm space all around bed, bed can be moved.

Shower Room

  • Door width 82cm
  • Bathroom has a walk-in shower with step up of 15cm door width 65cm
  • Bathroom 1.82 m by 2.4 m
  • Toilet 43cm high
  • Sink 85cm high
Outdoor Facilities
  • The Barn has its own garden and patio area. Separate tables and chairs with no arms.
Grounds and Gardens
  • Mature spacious gardens
  • Mostly rough lawn under foot
  • Benches around grounds.
  • A laundry service is available within 24 hours
  •  3 miles away at Breage, post office and general store
Contact Information
  • Address: Little Pengelly Farm, Trenwheal, Leedstown, Hayle, Cornwall. TR27 6BP
  • Telephone: 01736 850452
  • Fax:  Not applicable
  • Minicom:  Not applicable
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Grid reference:  Not applicable
  • Emergency number:  Mobile 07785 716207
  • Local carers:  Not applicable
  • Local equipment hire companies:  Not applicable
  • Local accessible taxi numbers: Darren’s Taxis 07879 770445

We welcome your feedback to help us continuously improve if you have any comments please phone 01736 850452 or email
Document first created: 01/02/2008Document last modified: 16 03 2222